Performance levels

The level of performance of a precision work glove corresponds to its durability, which is directly linked to the thickness of the polymer layer covering the fabric, and the nature of this polymer. The thicker the coating, the longer the glove lasts.

In addition, the nature of the polymer coating in the fabric will affect how long a glove will last in a given environment. A polyurethane coating is recommended in dry and reasonably clean environments, whereas a thicker nitrile coating is more appropriate for handling in oily and dirty environments

Comfort criteria

For precision work, glove comfort depends on the ability to let the hand breathe, and hence limit the effects of perspiration.

A gloves capacity to breathe is defined by the thickness of the polymer layer covering the fabric, and by the coating technology used; depending on the technology, the coating is either more or less liquid-proof, and therefore increases or reduces the gloves ability to let out perspiration.

The level of comfort of the glove should be chosen based on the length of time it will be worn. For example, for long-term wear (8hrs), a glove with better breathing capacity is preferable.


The environment

Select the right glove that meets your needs according to your working environment: 

  • Dry & relatively clean environments
  • Oily & very dirty environments