At MAPA PROFESSIONAL we strive to progress every day towards our 2025 goals with positive actions.

In all humility, below are our latest key performance indicators:

33 products are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified

(in 2021)

50% of our mechanical range is washable
5 Life Cycle Analyses carried out on our gloves

(in 2020)

100% of our packaging is recyclable
22 tonnes of plastic packaging saved in 2020
100% of our factories are ISO 14001 certified

(environmental management)

100% of our factories are ISO 9001 certified

(quality management)

100% of our factories are ISO 45001 certified

(occupational health & safety management)

-19% of waste sent to landfill at our Ipoh site in Malaysia

2020 vs. 2019

-6% greenhouse gas emissions on our IPOH Site on Malaysia

2020 vs. 2016

41 tonnes of transport-related CO2 saved

2020 vs. 2019

1,400 Litres of waste collected during a local engagement day by over 70 volunteers in France

(in 2021)

86% of companies in the same sector have a lower CSR rating
51% of managerial positions are held by women

(all MAPA SPONTEX employees, worldwide in 2021)