MAPA PROFESSIONAL is embarking upon a Corporate Social Responsability initiative with brand- specific commitments related to its mission and activities.

The driving force behind our work at Mapa Professional is our desire to develop professional products that protect the wearer as well as the people who manufacture them. 

More than manufacturers, we are designers of protective gloves who respect the environment, adapting fully to the requirements of any profession and any needs in terms of productivity and comfort of wear. 

Here is our job and the purpose of all our actions: protecting our surroundings to be THE solution for every working hand.

We care about tomorrow and so, we are committed to going further by following a continuous improvement path that fosters more responsible sourcing, the acceleration of eco-design efforts and ever more improved social standards. 

We firmly believe that all our efforts, our caring actions for you, for us, no matter how big or small, once combined and multiplied, will have a positive impact.

Bertrand Genuyt


In line with our CSR initiative OUR CARING ACTIONS and the 2025 strategic plan, we have set 9 commitments based on 3 main pillars:

The primary mission of our company is to offer our customers safe, effective products, and thereby caring for users’ hands.

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Time-honoured expertise & know-how

Commitment 1

Product performance that goes beyond standards

Commitment 2

A real command of job-related risks

Commitment 3

To be continually innovating

Commitment 4

Because our work at Mapa Professional is fundamentally to protect people, we also extend this to our employees and neighbouring communities!

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Safeguarding and protecting the people who manufacture our gloves

Commitment 5

Ensuring a caring corporate culture

Commitment 6

Getting involved locally

Commitment 7

Not only do we care for people, we also care for the environment around us!

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Reduce our environmental footprint

Commitment 8

Implement our eco-design initiative

Commitment 9

The "Our Caring Actions" initiative is based on the CSR policies of the MAPA SPONTEX and Newell groups.

For more information on groups CSR strategies, please visit: and

In 2021, MAPA SAS was assessed by ECOVADIS, the global standard for CSR assessments, and compared to 413 companies operating in the same industry: manufacture of rubber products.

We received the silver medal with a score of 61/100 (our score is higher than 86% or equal to the score of all companies rated by EcoVadis in our industry).