Food industry

Mapa Professional has developped the Mapa FoodExpert range of gloves to guarantee maximum hygiene and strict compliance with European regulations regarding food contact.

European regulations define precisely the food contact tests to be performed for each type of food. So, a glove can be approved for the handling of certain foodstuffs and not others. Through its dedicated food industry selection guide, Mapa Professional aims to help end users check the food compliance of each glove according to the foods they actually handle, strictly in line with European and French regulations.

By providing the test results for all of the gloves in its Food Expert range, Mapa Professional aims to meet the strictest requirements of its customers' quality systems. 

Food handling gloves


In addition to this specific range, Mapa Professional has a wide range of safety gloves for other tasks in this sector, as some tasks do not require a specific glove suitable for food contact.

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