The higher the performance level, the better the glove resists the combined effects of the object's sharpness and the pressure applied.

Standard protection

In situations where exposure could cause slight cuts. For instance, repeated handling of light sharp objects such as filings, broken glass, cardboard and small mechanical parts, etc. There is no likelihood of a sudden impact from a sharp object. EN 388 recommended Level B or C.

High-performance protection

In situations where exposure could cause serious injury (with permanent disability). For instance, handling relatively heavy sharp objects (weight >1.5 kg per hand) such as rolling-mill strips, large parts or metal plates. Whenever work requires force and a sudden impact from a fixed sharp object is possible. Recommended Level D under EN 388 and a result greater than 15N (approximately 1500g) under ISO 13997.


Please note

Using cut-protection gloves does not guarantee total protection (for instance, when using a motor-operated sharp object). Furthermore, the EN 388 and ISO 13997 test results give no more than an indicative average value, and an on-site study may be recommended to determine the most appropriate type of protection for a workstation.

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