Thermal protection

The Mapa Professionnel Thermal Protection range provides excellent comfort and protection to hands whenever work situations require.

This protection may be needed if hands are exposed to a cold environment over an extended period, or when handling hot or cold objects.

Select the appropriate thermal protection to meet your needs


The higher the level of performance, the greater the gloves thermal insulation. The above gloves are Level 2 for heat contact according to the EN 407 standard (tested at 250�C).

  • Standard protection

    Standard protection

    Ideal for handling hot objects for short periods, e.g. handling moulds in the ceramic industry.

  • Technical protection

    Technical protection

    Increased thermal insulation to allow hot objects to be handled for longer periods, e.g. frequently removing hot dishes from ovens.


Select the glove that meets your needs according to your working environment.

  • Dry / Damp or slightly oily
  • Wet


    Contact with steam, oils / greases, e.g. removing objects from autoclaves or steam ovens

  • Chemical


    Hot chemical products, acids, alkalis, petroleum products, etc, e.g. chemical treatment of metals.


For standard thermal protection in wet environments, see the Liquid proof Protection range (Ref. 321-325).

For level 1 thermal protection (tested at 100�C) see the supported gloves in the Liquidproof protection ranges (Ref. 300 and 301) and Chemical protection (Ref. 381 or Ref. 382)

According to your search criterias, Mapa Professionnel suggests the following glove models:

Thermal Protection - Temp-Tec NL-517 - packshot
A double-layer glove, with thermal insulation and extended length for extra arm ...
Thermal Protection - Temp-Tec NL-56 - packshot
A double-layer glove, with thermal insulation and chemical resistance
Thermal Protection - Temp-Proof 333 - packshot
Protection against heat and steam, along with inner polymer to protect against oils, ...
Thermal Protection - Exonit Plus 530 - packshot
Flexible Thermal Protection with impact and cut protection

Please enlarge your search criteria. It might be due to functionalities that are opposite