Critical environments


Mapa Professionnel sought to formalise its expertise in manufacturing gloves for Critical Environment by creating a specific range: Mapa Advantech.

Ensuring the protection of both operators and the products they handle, the Mapa AdvanTech range was designed to perfectly fulfil the requirements of high-tech production.

Created with innovative, highly technical processes, and subject to inspection at every stage of their design and of packaging, each of these gloves satisfy all the quality criteria necessary for work in controlled and confined environments.

To choose your Critical Environments protective gloves:

Product protection / Product and user protection
Chemical risks / Mechanical risks and alpha rays

Quality guaranteed at every stage of production:

Mapa AdvanTech uses its own post-manufacturing cleaning process and clean rooms to maintain a level of product and packaging quality that meets requirements for cleanliness.

All manufacturing sites have ISO 9001 certification The levels of glove cleanliness are tested periodically to ensure that the production quality of these gloves, intended for use in critical environments, complies with established specifications.

Each Mapa AdvanTech chemical protection glove is testedusing appropriate methods to detect any liquid-resistance defects, as well as inflation tested under inspection lamps so as to ensure user safety.

The chemical resistance checks comply with ASTM standards and EN 374-3, providing the users with the information they need to choose suitable gloves for a given application.