Automotive manufacturing

Since 1948, we are glove manufacturers and we produce nearly 1 million pairs every day. Our experts visit your factories to help you choose or develop the glove that suits you. In order to be present where your factories are, we have local teams speaking the same language as your operators.


This documentation is aimed to help you finding the right Mapa glove that fits your optimum protection needs. Specific selection guides have been designed for each of the 7 steps of automative manufacturing chain.

Choose your gloves for the Automotive manufacturing:

Metalworking department where flat metal sheets are blanked and formed by a machine-press to give them desired shape
Primary assembly department where metal parts are set together to form the vehicle body and structure.
Where vehicle body is cleaned and degreased, before being coated with sucessively anti-corrosive, primer, colored top-coat, and ultimately clearcoat layers.
Workshops where mechanical units such as engine, gearbox, transmission parts, and other axles are being manufactured and assembled.
Final production line where all components are set together to complete the building of a vehicle.
Cross-functionnal department dedicated to set, and maintain the machines and tools involved in the production.
Another cross-functionnal department, handling parts from manufacturing workshops or from warehouses, to the workstations where they will be used or assembled on the vehicle.

Automotive manufacturing

Select a workshop of the automative manufacturing chain.