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As we are fully into the last quarter of 2012, we can reflect on the inimitable phraseology of it being a ‘challenging year’. This seems to be the general consensus of End users, old and new businesses and the people who are involved. Whilst we at Mapa have relished the challenges, we have been able to consolidate throughout 2012 in many areas. Our portfolio of products have been both streamlined and enhanced and now gives our distribution partners the chance to access a broad range of products that would satisfy most end user needs.


Country Sales Manager (UK & Ireland)

Focus on the Chemical Range

Many people in a variety of sectors are faced with chemical risks when handling less aggressive products. Choosing a glove that will provide the appropriate protection for each application is a complex task; this is the reason why Mapa Professionnel helps you.

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New Thermal range - Heat Resistance

Mapa Professionnel has launched a new Thermal Protection range with providing the thermal resistance & high dexterity finally in your hands!

A proposal of a new and intelligent thermal range to allow the user to choose the right glove.

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Website Focus

New Advanced Glove Finder! - Mapa Professionnel has updated its Search Engine to improve the way to choose the right glove. This new efficient tool will allow you to find the adapted protection depending of your environment, your hazard and your specific requirements.


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