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Temp-Dex 710 innovation

18 October 2011

Thermal Protection is now available for precision work : Temp-Dex 710, the latest innovation from Mapa Professionnel.

Temp-Dex provides great DEXTERITY...


The latest innovation from Mapa Professionnel R&D, the Temp-Dex glove provides significantly better dexterity than the products and technologies currently on the market. Thermal protection is now available for precision work. It gives you a better grip and reduces the risk of dropping an object.

> Flexible and thin multi-layer glove.

> Available in 3 sizes.




Each layer in the glove captures the maximum amount of air, the best insulator there is, and protects the hand effectively from the hot part. The thermal insulation is as effective as thick fabric using terry-cotton technology. You can remain in constant contact quite safely for more than 30 seconds at 100°C.


and optimal DURABILITY for work in OILY ENVIRONMENTS.


The Temp-Dex glove is abrasion resistant (Level 4 out of 4), and will last much longer than a terry-cotton glove with maximum abrasion-resistance Level of 2. The special nitrile Grip coating means the grasp remains firm in an oily environment. It is also very fluid-proof and thus prevents fumes or hot liquids coming into direct contact with the palm.