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Hand protection type

  • Handling protection

    To resist injuries endured during general handling work (Precision work / Heavy-duty work)

  • Cut protection

    Solutions adapted to all hazardous cutting situations (Precision work / Heavy-duty work)

  • Thermal protection

    For low temperature environments and hot / cold contacts

  • Critical environments

    Solutions to ensure the protection of both operators and the products they handle (controlled and confined environments)

Select Hand protection by activity

  • Food industry

    Maximum hygiene and strict compliance with regulations regarding food contact

  • Construction industry

    A suitable protection for all the jobs in the construction industry ( masons, painters, carpenters, plumbers, tilers, metalworkers,...)

  • Local authorities

    The most suitable protection for each activity (cleaning, catering services, technical maintenance, roads and Highways, ...)

  • Automotive manufacturing

    Find the right Mapa glove that fits your optimum protection needs for the automative manufacturing chain

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